Rupert's Adventures : Escape Slate Room Walkthrough   

- Turn on the light switch (next to the door).
- Take the GOLDISH KEY from the wall. (This is Rupert's house key. He will be carrying it at the end of the game.)
- Click the bucket to move it, and take the BLUE KEY.
- Use the blue key on door lock and exit.

Oops, Rupert fell in the sewers!!

You are in a sewer drain. There is nothing here.
- Go Right Once.

Barrel View
- On the right wall there appears to be a crack. Click it (middle left area,) and you'll zoom in on to a shelf. Pick up the FIRST PART OF THE PICKAXE.
- Zoom out.
- Go Right Once.

Pipe View
- Click the bottom ring of the pipe (the screen moves, as if you are climbing the pipe,) then the second ring, the third and the fourth and now you can see the MAGNET, take it (there's a screw there too but you can't take it yet).
- Go Left Once.

Barrel View
- Take the lid off from the top of the barrel. Look inside the barrel and see a screw there.
- Put the magnet on the bottom of the barrel and click on the bottom of the barrel to zoom in on it. Now click and hold on the magnet, and draw it upwards. Go slowly, and make sure you pick a point on the magnet that will allow you to reach the top of the section. (A sound will ring at the top of the section.)You will repeat this 3 times total. Zoom out and zoom in on the hole on top of the barrel (make sure you don't click the magnet or you have to do the last part again) and take SCREW #1.
- Take the magnet back by clicking the barrel until it falls off.
- Click and hold on the laying down cement bag. You'll hear a scratchy sound. Do not let go until the sound stops. Repeat for the standing bag, and they will both be out of the way.
- Go Right Once.

Pipe View
- Click the wood to move it out of the way.
- Click on the hole.

Rat-Hole View
- If you wait a while you see rats floating by on a stick. You have to make all the left rats go right and the other ones left by hopping over each other and you have to do it quick. If you don't know how to do this, do it like this:
The three left rats are ABC, the three right rats are 123 (all from left to right). Click them in this order;
1-C-B-1-2-3-C-B-A-1-2-3-B-A-3, but still you have to be quick (start clicking if you see the left rat of the 3 right ones.). And if done correctly all the rats jump in the water and again you have to be quick to take the STICK they were sitting on (it's the second part of the pickaxe).

*** If you like, practice at Snake Hop

- Use your magnet on the pile of garbage, and it will grab a nail. Look at the magnet and take the BENT NAIL.
- Wait for the rats to come eat from the pile. The front rat kicks a piece of paper aside, revealing a piece of cheese. Grab it before he leaves, as his tail drags the paper back. It helps to right click and zoom in a couple of times here :)
- Back out of the rat-hole, and Go Right Once.

Wood on floor view
- Look at the stick and put the first piece of the pickaxe on it and now you have a PICKAXE.
- Use the pickaxe a few times on the bottom middle of the left wall, until the wall breaks.
- Enter Hole.


Table View
- Take the BURNT BANKNOTE from the table.
- Go Right Once.

Elevator View
- Look at bent nail. Click it to turn it until the bend is pointing up. Use the pickaxe on the bend. Click the nail again to put the bend up again. Use the pickaxe again. Now you have a straight nail. Click the button to open the elevator, and using the nail, click between the doors as they close. This flattens the end of the nail, making a "Half-Assed Screwdriver." Click it, and rotate it until it's horizontal, and use the pickaxe one more time. Now you have a SCREWDRIVER.

Vault View
- Click the handles of the vault and quickly take SCREW #2 (behind the top right handle).
- Click on the Code panel, use screwdriver, and take SCREW #3.
- Go Right Once.

Chair View
- Take the TIN CAN (under the right chair).
- Take the STONE (bottom right of the hole you made).

Elevator View
- Use the pickaxe on the padlock of the Fuse Box, open the door and zoom in. Take SCREW #4 from behind the right wire. To empty your inventory a bit you can already put the 4 screws in fuse box (they decide where.)
- With the button next to the elevator you can open the elevator very shortly. There's a screw on the floor inside the elevator. So again be very quick to take SCREW #5. Put that screw also in the fuse box.
- Return to the Pipe View. Climb pipe and take SCREW #6. Enter Rat-Hole.

Rat-Hole View
- Look at your can, open it all the way, put the cheese in, close it one click and then put the nail on the right side. Put the stone on it and now you have a RAT TRAP.
- Put the rat trap on the left corner of the cement slab, go out, put the wood back in front of the hole, wait at least 10 seconds without moving. Go back in, and take the NORMAL RAT from the trap and take the trap back.
- Go back to the bank vault view.

*** If you like, zoom in on the paper hat and notice "Thanks Jen" :)

Vault View
- Use the pickaxe on the bricks on the bottom left to make a hole.
- Take the nail back from the trap.
- Look at the rat and take the SCREW #7 from his tail (start at its body and move slowly along the tail). Give the rat the nail and now you have a CRAZY RAT.
- Put the crazy rat in the hole and wait a while and he is back. Click it and you have SCREW #8.
- Go all the way back to the...

Rat-Hole View
- Get a nail, make another screwdriver, get more cheese, and assemble another trap. Place it, back out, cover the hole, and wait 10 seconds. Enter the hole, and take the KING RAT and take the trap back.
- Back to the Vault.

Vault View
- Look at the king rat and give it the burnt banknote and now you have a CRAZY KING RAT.
- Put the crazy king rat in the hole and wait a while and he is back. Click it and you have a BUNDLE OF MONEY.
- Do the whole rat catching thing again to catch KING RAT #2.
- Look at king rat #2 and give it the bundle of money and now you CRAZY KING RAT #2.
- Put crazy king rat #2 in the hole and wait a while and he is back with gold. Take the BAR OF GOLD, and click on it. Read the notice "Property of 2keysgames."

*** Zoom in on the top of the gold bar to notice the inscription to the creator's mom, who passed away on November 20th, 2010.

- Return it from where it came. Put bar of gold back in the hole. The king rat will take it back, bring you a goldish colored SCREW #9 and then replace the brick.
- Take your screwdriver back from the mouse trap.
- Go to:

Table View
- Use the screwdriver on the left screw on the sign on the wall and you have SCREW #10.

Return to the Fuse Box
- Put the last screws in the fuse box, and solve the puzzle. Move the colored screws to their corresponding side. You can unscrew one screw at a time by clicking it, clicking the hole you want it to move to, then screwing it back down to move another one. Once done correctly the elevator light goes on. Zoom out.
- Open the elevator, enter and you're out! :)

by Jennifer T., Canada

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