Rupert's Adventures : Escape Razzmatazz Room Walkthrough   
  1. You need to set the stage, and to do that you need to assemble all the instruments.
  2. First get the piano, the sax, the stool in front of the piano; those 3 are ready for the stage.
  3. Go right, click on the door to the stage. Now click the mic's to lift them. Notice the marks on the floor; those are the places where you have to put the instruments. The piano goes on the right, then the sax in the mark next to the piano.
  4. The stool goes in the middle on the bigger marks, right on the front, so the rest of the drum set goes in front of it. Get the clipping shears on the right curtain.
  5. Go back to the room, and get the tripod on the left of the stage door. Now go right and get the other tripod, get the corkscrew on the table, click on the other stool and make sure the seat is angled to the left. Now click on it with the shears and you have another tripod, click it.
  6. Now zoom in the picture. If you want to laugh a little click on the bone.
  7. Take the girl's shoe, zoom in on it and get the black pedal inside it. Put the shoe back, with the shears cut the maracas form the man's pants and cut the strings from his guitar. Get the maracas, zoom in on the snail in the left, click him with the maracas and remove the inner antennas. Place the maracas back on the floor and zoom out and go right.
  8. Click on the hanger in the tripod like mad till it falls off. Them get the tripod and the cymbal on top of the shelf.
  9. Go right, get the tripod, get the hi-hat cymbals and assemble those together. Put the pedal on the tripod and that's ready for the stage. Now get the guitar rand put in the strings, also ready for the stage. Now get the bass drum and the pedal behind it. Assemble the pedal, and the snail's antennas as feet for it. Zoom in on the corkscrew and clip it with the shears. Now assemble the T shaped thing on the top of the bass drum. Now get the blue drum and assemble it with the tripod from the wonky stool.
  10. Now zoom in on the cymbal you have and assemble it on the first tripod. Then get the other cymbal form the shelf, behind the paper, and assemble it on the other tripod, which had the hanger. Now get the drum in the far left and assemble it on the tripod you have left. Then get the other 2 drums and go right, to the stage.
  11. On the right of the left mic is a mark on the floor, put the guitar there. On the middle of the stage there is a big rectangular mark, put the bass drum there, then put the 2 red drums on top of it. Put the hi-hat cymbals on the left next to the stool, and the 18" cymbal behind it. Between the cymbals and the bass drum there are some marks on the floor for the blue drum. Then on the right put the 20" cymbal on the back and the red 15" floor drum in front of it.
  12. You should have all the floor marks covered, now click the stool and the drum kit sparkles. Click the director's chair and it jumps to the piano. Cut the rope from the chest with the shears.
  13. Go back inside and in the harp room tilt the harp by clicking on the left top corner of it. Get the brown key underneath it. Tilt it again and while it is bouncing to the right click the right top corner. It falls back and cracks the wall.
  14. Go right and see the mirror broken and a safe on the wall.
  15. Go left twice and into the trash bin, get the paper. There is a code for the safe encrypted on music notes. Starting with C for Ut: c=1, d=2, e=3, f=4, g=5, a=6, b=7.
  16. Go to the chest on the stage and open it with the brown key, get the paper and the silver key. Go to the safe, insert the code and open it with the silver key.
  17. Get everything that's inside, the money, the violin, the golden key, the remote and the postcard, which you won't need.
  18. Try the golden key on the door, but it won't open it, it will break. Then zoom in on the money and realize it is fake money. Now Rupert gets really mad, goes on the stage and uses the violin to destroy all the instruments. The drum set, the piano, the stool, the guitar. Then use your hands to break the mic's. Then get the Money and throw it on the stage floor.
  19. With the remote click the right button so the rope gets in the middle of the stage. Get the violin and climb the rope, get the remote again and click up and you're out.

by Joana Pina-Vaz, Portugal

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