Rupert's Adventures : Escape Library Walkthrough   

1. Lift the left and middle sofa cushions, retrieve a puzzle piece.

2. Move the large violet book on the right hand side of the bookcase, a puzzle piece falls into sofa, lift both cushions again, retrieve the puzzle piece; move the third brown book in the upper left of the bookshelf, pick up the magnifying glass that falls out; go left, remove all the items from the top of the table.

3. A puzzle piece fell behind chair leg, retrieve it.

4. Drop the right table leaf, a puzzle piece also falls behind chair leg, leave it there for the moment.

5. Click the lower left brick behind the table, retrieve a puzzle piece; replace the tablecloth, retrieve the puzzle piece from behind the chair leg.

6. Replace items back on the table except for keeping the scissors and the Bible. Go left twice, cut open the trash bag (and letting the cat out of the bag) remove the cat poop, retrieve a puzzle piece, replace the cat poop, take the straw.

7. If your inventory gets too full, open the blue curtain to the left of the trash bag. When you go in, there is a wooden chest on the right. In the close up view there are squares on the right hand side of the chest where you can offload the puzzle pieces to free up space in your inventory.

8. Go down, go right twice. Replace the scissors on table, take the low alcohol drink. Maximize the drink, put in the straw and click the drink three times. Retrieve a puzzle piece in the bottom of the glass, put the empty glass back on the table. You should have eight puzzle pieces in your inventory at this point.

9. Maximize the heavy Bible, open it, take the gun, replace the Bible on the table. Maximize the gun and then select the magnifying glass from the inventory. Place the magnifying glass on the left hand side of the gun and click until you can read the six digit number. This number changes with every attempt at the game. Write the number down. Put the magnifying glass back in your inventory, then click the right side of the open window enough to be able to close the window, which puts the gun back into the inventory. Go right twice.

10. Open the blue curtain and click to go in. Click on the safe on the left. Spin the dials to input the number from the gun. Take the money, retrieve the puzzle piece and replace the money.

11. Click on the wooden chest on the right. On the right side of the enlarged view there are square spots in which to place 8 of the 9 the puzzle pieces. Keep rearranging the puzzle pieces from there onto the yellow dots to the left until each side of each piece matches every other puzzle piece it touches.

12. Take anti-tank grenade launcher from the chest. Go down, then go right. Open the green box and take grenade.

13. Maximize the anti-tank grenade launcher and combine the grenade with it. Minimize the launcher into your inventory. Click on the anti tank-grenade launcher and then click on brick wall to the right of the green box. Click again to launch the grenade to blast through the brick wall and YOU'RE OUT!

by Rosemarie Shiver, FL USA

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