Rupert's Adventures : Escape Goldenrod Room Walkthrough   

First of all, there are 7 different areas of the barn you can explore.

  1. The starting screen, with the door and haystack (DOOR).
  2. Clicking the top of the screen takes you to the LOFT.
  3. To the right of DOOR is the GOAT.
  4. To the right again is HORSE.
  5. Right again is TROUGH.
  6. Right again is COW.
  7. Right again is PIG. Going right here takes you back to DOOR.

Now then...

Take the NOTE by the door. Read it and put it back.

Go to GOAT and don't move your mouse. The goat will be whistling. When he finishes, click the HAND in your inventory to applaud. You will now be able to take the MAGNET.

Go back to DOOR. The big haystack can be moved in 6 sections; to move a section, drag part of the haystack to the right side of the screen. After moving each individual section, move the MAGNET over that section and a NAIL will stick to it. Examine the MAGNET in your inventory and click the NAIL to take it. Repeat this for each section of the haystack; you will collect 5 NAILS total and a GOLD KEY (collected the same way with the MAGNET). Also grab the PEANUTS in the corner of the room where the haystack was.

Go to TROUGH. Take the HORSESHOE on the wall, the SHEARS BLADE sticking out of the trough, and the BUCKET next to the trough. Use the MAGNET on the trough and get a BOTTLE CAP.

Use the GOLD KEY to open the cabinet and the goat will steal the key. Take the SHEARS BLADE and UMBRELLA inside it. Click the top-right and top-left corners of the cabinet alternately to knock the CORK off; take the cork.

Examine the CORK. Click on it and quickly use either SHEARS BLADE to cut a hole in it. Now examine the UMBRELLA and use the CORK just above the handle to repair it.

Go to GOAT and the goat will eat the GOLD KEY. Use the UMBRELLA on the goat 3 times and he will poop out the key. Use the MAGNET to reclaim the GOLD KEY.

Go to COW. Move the MAGNET over the right post (somewhere in the middle) and claim another NAIL. Pull the cow's tail 4 times and she'll moo; while she's mooing, grab the RED BALLOON from her mouth.

Go to HORSE. Move the MAGNET over the right post near the top to grab yet another NAIL.

Go to LOFT and a hen should be there; you should have heard squawking earlier. If it's not there, walk around a bit or go to TROUGH a couple times until it does show up. (I believe the hen appears when you go to TROUGH twice.) Use the UMBRELLA on the hen and get a GOLD COIN. Use the MAGNET on the basket to get the final NAIL (you should have 8).

Your inventory should be full by now, so go to GOAT and put the MAGNET back by the fence, as it's no longer needed. Now examine the UMBRELLA. Open it (click the CORK) and use the GOLD COIN to get the SCREW from the umbrella's handle.

Examine either SHEARS BLADE. Use the other SHEARS BLADE on it and connect the two with the SCREW; now you have fixed the SHEARS.

Walk around a bit or go to TROUGH a couple times until the hen reappears. Go to LOFT and feed the hen the GOLD KEY, GOLD COIN, and BOTTLE CAP. You'll notice a GOLDEN EGG start to appear, but it won't be complete. Once these three items have been fed to the hen, click the WEDDING RING on the HAND in your inventory to take that. Feed the WEDDING RING to the hen and take the GOLDEN EGG.

Examine the PEANUTS and click on one of the bugs. This starts a minigame in which you have to completely enclose the bug in stones before it can escape the grid. Click on a hexagon to drop a stone; after the bug moves, repeat. If you do it right, you'll eventually force the bug to one square, where you can click on the bug to squash it.

Some tips by Matt Monitto: Place stones a few spaces in front of the bug to prevent it from escaping, and place your first stone in the opposite direction of where you want the bug to go.
Some tips by Jennifer T: Start near the edges. If the bug changes directions, put a block on the side he's heading towards. Keep going until you have him trapped. Then narrow it down, and squash him!
Tips by Livan: Don't try building a fence around the bug. My method is to create a porous fence with single hex holes and only close them at the very last moment. If the bug is heading for a wall, you can build a fence with holes in it. You do this by putting down a spot in between other spots, so they don't form a continuous fence. You leave a gap of one cell on either side. The bug will head for one of the gaps. You close it. Then it will head for the other, you close that one but will have lost the moves that it made towards the first gap, giving you time to build ahead. Once you've got a bug against a solid fence near one of the walls, you've won the minigame because you can keep it moving towards a gap but constantly blocking it. Easy :)
Squash all 5 bugs by one of these ways.

Once the minigame is complete (you should still be examining the PEANUTS), click on the PEANUTS BAG to tip it over, then click the bag again to get the PEANUTS out. Take the PEANUTS and keep the EMPTY BAG.

Go to DOOR. Look through the crack in the barn door and drag the screen left as far as you can; you should be looking at a large tuft of grass. Use the SHEARS to get the LARGE GRASS TUFT.

Go to COW. Feed the LARGE GRASS TUFT to the cow, then click on each of the cow's teats. You have to spin the circles in order to create a path for the milk from the center to the exit. Once all 3 teats have been fixed (they'll turn red when they're done), put the BUCKET under the cow's udder, then pull her tail. Take the BUCKET OF MILK.

Go to PIG. Pour the BUCKET OF MILK on him to wake him up. When his mouth is open, feed him the PEANUTS, then quickly hold the BALLOON over his rear to inflate it with his farts. (If you miss on the first try, don't worry; he farts until you get it right.)

Go to HORSE. Click his back-right hoof twice to see what a shoed hoof needs to look like. Now click his back-left hoof twice. Put the HORSESHOE on the hoof, place the 8 NAILS on the shoe, and hit each nail 5 times with the GOLDEN EGG.

Use the INFLATED BALLOON on the horse to scare him; he'll break part of the fence. Use the PEANUTS BAG on the horse to do it again. Now we need to scare the horse one more time in order to break free, and to do that, we need the assistance of the goat.

Go to GOAT. Use the UMBRELLA on the goat one last time to make him pee. Now you have to repeat the following process:

Find a TUFT OF GRASS in the BARN (look carefully; some are hidden behind other objects or the inventory) and cut it with the SHEARS. There is 1 tuft on the DOOR screen (it's behind the haystack on the right; you have to move the haystack back to the left to get it), 3 on GOAT, 4 on HORSE, 3 on COW, and 3 on PIG. Also, your inventory will only hold 1 tuft at a time.

Feed the TUFT OF GRASS to the goat, who will fire a turd at the back wall and jostle the scarecrow.

You have to do this 13 times. On thelast one, the scarecrow will fall, the horse will kick a hole in thefence, and you're free!!

by Matt Monitto, CT USA

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