Rupert's Adventures : Escape Cosmic Latte Room Walkthrough   
  1. Rupert wakes up on the alien ship, in a haze. Help him clear the fog, so that he can explore the rooms and return to Earth.
  2. You start out surrounded by peach-colored screens. On one screen, there are 6 bubbles. Each peach-colored screen has a small design in the top-right corner. You must drag all 6 bubbles onto each screen and arrange them in the design shown to "unlock" the screen. When a screen has been unlocked, you'll hear a sound, see lightning bolts, and see the screen. (If a design has less than 6 circles in it, stack bubbles on top of each other - for example, for the screen with one circle in the top right corner, you must stack all 6 bubbles on top of each other.)
  3. Do this for all 6 screens. (To move bubbles, drag them to the edge of the screen so that they are partially off the screen. Then move to the next screen and drag the bubbles onto the screen. Be careful not to "throw" bubbles as they will keep moving.
  4. Once all 6 screens are unlocked, look at the control panel screen. There are 15 stars that you need.
  5. Turn to screen with robo-dog, and take METAL ROD, YOUR UNDERWEAR, ROPE, and EMPTY CAN from the broken container.
  6. Turn to view of 4 creatures. Get STAR 1 from middle window. Look at second creature, tie him up with ROPE, and get STAR 2. Look at first creature. Mouse over the plant (or anywhere not directly in front of the fish) and wait for a 7-10 second time period when the fish's eyes are closed and no bubbles are coming out. You should be able to safely take STAR 3. (If you go too soon, you will have to move your mouse away and repeat the cycle.) Look at fourth creature, give him YOUR UNDERWEAR, and take STAR 4.
  7. Turn to view of tables/chairs. Take APPLE from back table, click back table until it topples (about 8 clicks), and get STAR 5. Take WEIRD FORK, PLATE, and MUG from right table, click the right table, and quickly take STAR 6 when it is revealed. Now go to the control panel and place your STARS on the screen. Examine MUG, hit it with METAL ROD, and get STAR 7. Open the left door of the control panel and you should see a bit of star. Use the METAL ROD to knock the door off its hinges and get STAR 8. Place these STARS on the screen as well. Now go put the BROKEN MUG back on the table.
  8. Go back to the view of 4 creatures. Look at third creature and give him the APPLE. Move away and return to view of third creature. Click his tail to make him poo, take the POO. Examine PLATE and put the POO on the PLATE. Now use METAL ROD on the hair in the creature's non-corked ear to knock the CORK out. Take STAR 9 and CORK.
  9. Go to view of robo-dog. Put the PLATE OF POO in front of the dog and get STAR 10.
  10. Go to view of sleeping alien. Click the picture, there's a little yellow spot at the bottom-left of the picture, that is STAR 11, take it. Now click the red button on the sleeping alien's pod to open it. Move your mouse around to the top of the pod and quickly grab STAR 12 before the pod closes. (Repeat if you miss.)
  11. Turn to view of robot arm. Quickly double-click the right side of the stool so it jumps aside, take STAR 13. Whack the helmet with the METAL ROD (4 times) until the BRAIN comes out, take BRAIN (looks like an egg). Click the BLUE LEVER until it breaks off. Examine WEIRD FORK and mouse over the tines until they stay splayed. Put the SPLAYED WEIRD FORK where the BLUE LEVER was, push the FORK down (3 times) until the entire robot is revealed. Take ANTENNA from robot's head. Examine ANTENNA and click it (5 times) until it is upside-down. Put UPSIDE-DOWN ANTENNA back in robot's head and he opens his mouth. Put CORK in robot's mouth, take STAR 14.
  12. Go back to view of 4 creatures. Look at second creature, he should have untied himself by now. Put BRAIN on tray. Move away and come back, creature should have eaten part of BRAIN and revealed STAR 15, take it.
  13. Go to control panel. Put STARS on screen and lines will appear between them. Drag the STARS around the screen so no lines intersect. When you've finished, you'll hear a sound and see a circle of lights.
  14. Open right door of control panel. Open middle section of control panel and you will see spinning gears. Use EMPTY CAN to jam gears. Now use METAL ROD to break 4 red pipe ends on wall and two keyboards (orange and yellow) on control panel.
    That's it!

by Matt Monitto, CT USA

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