Rupert's Adventures : Escape Carmine Room Walkthrough   
  1. Pick up note on table
  2. Go left or right until you see a man and child at the entry door
  3. Put the note in the man’s hand with the cane, and receive the cane
  4. Use the cane to open the lock on the electrical box
  5. Flip on all switches *Note there is a hidden switch on the lower left side. This switch turns on the information board.
  6. Turn left. Note the pedestal. Start picking up masterpiece pieces. One is behind the Venus pedestal. Notice the wheel and button.
  7. Get 3 pieces from the painting on the right wall.
  8. Click the empty pedestal. A green board pops up. Deposit your pieces there.
  9. Back out from green board and turn left.
  10. Click behind horseman pedestal to get hammer. Notice the broken wheel.
  11. Get piece behind top left corner of map.
  12. Turn left.
  13. Pick up pieces off of floor. Click behind mask pedestal to get another piece.
  14. Use cane to take chisel from top of case.
  15. Turn left twice, and deposit pieces on green board.
  16. Combine chisel and hammer
  17. Turn right or left back to main screen, until you see a man looking at the information board. Notice he is taking pictures. Watch until he’s taken 3 or 4, and then turn left or right back to same screen. Pick up camera.
  18. While waiting, click the second lever in the electric box. They should now be DOWN, UP.
  19. Turn left.
  20. Use hammer and chisel on Venus sculpture. Right thigh, left thigh, and both nipples. Pick up pieces.
  21. Click lower right side of Venus pedestal. You should see a button and wheel. Turn the wheel until it won’t turn anymore, and then push the button. Back out.
  22. Using hammer/chisel, take the piece from back of thigh.
  23. Add these pieces to the green board.
  24. Turn left
  25. Use hammer only on horseman’s fingers. Pick up the 4 pieces.
  26. Click horse’s tail just above leg joint. It goes up. Use the cane on the rear end.
  27. Click the cane 5 times, and notice it turns, like the wheel on the Venus.
  28. Go back to the electric box. Change levers to UP, DOWN
  29. Go back to horseman. Press the button on the wall. The horseman moves, revealing a trap door.
  30. Notice the horseman is pointing to the map. Using the chisel, punch a hole in the by his finger. Use the lever on the wall to find the correct map scene. (HINT: top)
  31. Turn right; add 4 pieces to green board.
  32. Open the camera, and turn on the power. Scroll through the pictures. There are pieces in pictures # 6, 9, 16, and 21, and gum in picture # 8 (zoom in helps.) Close camera.
  33. Add pieces to green board.
  34. Turn around until you see the guard. If he is not chewing, put the gum you picked up in his hand. He drops the key. Come back to him if he is chewing.
  35. Turn left 4 times. Pick up the key.
  36. Open the camera. Remember the house? Use the key on the door.
  37. Click the now open door.
  38. Examine the objects around the room, and notice their effect on the chandelier.
  39. Find the 5 objects that swing the chandelier to the right, and click them one after another. The picture will fall, revealing a piece.
  40. Go back to green board, and deposit piece. You can now build the masterpiece.
  41. Start with the neck pieces, then the back of the head. The pieces mostly go in one order, so trial and error until you finish the face. (See goal picture below.)
  42. Take the candy and the note that come from the pedestal.
  43. Turn left
  44. Use the candy in the hole you created earlier on the map. Click it, and it will go down. Hmm, what’s that noise?
  45. Turn left
  46. Notice the lasers are gone from the case? Use the hammer, and steal the mask.
  47. Turn left, and leave. Click the man…. OH WAIT! He’s got a stun gun!!!
  48. Click the switches in the electric box so they are UP, UP
  49. Go back to the horseman room.
  50. One of the cities is actually a hidden button. Play with the lever until you find the button that opens the trap door.
  51. Use the mask (when you push the button,) to keep the door open.
  52. You’re OUT! WTG
by Jennifer T., Canada

1. take note from table – read it
2. click around room (left/right of window) until a man and kid show up. Place note in mans right hand, get his crook.
3. use crook on lock to break it
4. open electrical cabinet and switch all three green switches (lights are on in every room)
5. click lower left side of electrical cabinet to switch on info panel
6. a boy shows of and takes pictures with a camera, he will drop the camera when he is leaving. Get the camera (behind sign "ROOM UNDER RESTORATION").
7. view pictures on camera and collect: tile ("boat" upper left side, picture 6), gum (between hands, picture 8), tile (ball, picture 9), tile (flowers, picture 16), nose tile (nose, picture 22). Notice closed door on pics 14&15.
8. turn left and collect 4 tiles from floor
9. click next to box (statue), lower right – collect 1 tile and notice wheel
10. place tiles on green table which appears when you click on the left box. You will have to build a head as shown on picture 38 with 28 tiles.
11. zoom into right picture and get 3 tiles
12. turn left and find hammer behind box and 1 tile on top left side of map
13. turn left and find 4 tiles on floor and 1 tile behind box
14. take chisel with crook and cobine it with the hammer
15. go back to statue and use chisel on nipples and right&left thigh (using hammer and chisel), 4 tiles
16. turn statue: To turn statue you have to turn right lever in electrical cabinet up (left lever down), then you must spin wheel on statue box until you cannot spin it anymore. Push button next to wheel, statue turns.
17. get 1 tile from back of right thigh (using hammer and chisel)
18. use hammer and chisel on "Napoleons" left hand. Get 4 fingers = 4 tiles
19. click on horse tail and insert crook into horse
20. turn crook until you can not turn it anymore
21. change lever in electrical cabinet: left up, right down
22. go back to horse and push red button, horse is moving and reveals trap door
23. now you can give gum to guy to get keys
24. use key on door, picture 14 > enter room and find objects (5) which make the chandelier swing to the right side and move these 5 objects to take picture off the wall. Get 1 tile from behind the picture. It may takes a while to find the 5 obejects.
25. now you should have all 28 tiles to finish the head on box next to green table. Put head together (in specific order, but to complicated to explain) and get lolly and note.
26. undo hammer and chisel
27. go to room with horse and move lever (next to chair) up until finger points UK. Use chisel on part above finger and create an hole. Put lolly into hole. Click on lolly. Laser is off now.
28. use hammer on glas and get helmet.
29. change lever in electrical cabinet: left & right up
30. go back to horse and move lever all way down
31. push black button next to tail and trap door opens short time. Place helmet in gap and and click on gap > out

by Joana Pina-Vaz, Portugal

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