Rupert's Adventures : Bertha's Escape Episode 3 Walkthrough   

BEDROOM. The alarm is ringing.

  1. Click on the BIG MALLET - it smashes the alarm clock, which then drops into the drawer, and is replaced by a new clock.
  2. Take the LETTER by the clock, read it, and take the COSMETICS BAG from the nightstand.
  3. Click on the space between the wall and bed, near the pillows, by the floor. Pick up the WEDDING RINGS.
  4. Click the lid of the box on the floor. Click on both clothing items to put them in the box. Click on the Left side of the box, and it'll slide out of the way.
  5. Make sure all drawers are closed, and click on the ladder.
  6. Click on the top bunk.
  7. Click the lamp to move it out of the way. Click on the pillow. While it is in the air, take the "FEMALE LIBIDO ENHANCEMENT PILLS."
  8. Click on the top rung of the ladder to back down.
  9. Go RIGHT twice to the kitchen view.


  1. Open the fridge.
  2. Open the icebox. Take the BRACELET.
  3. Take the CHAMPAGNE from the door. Close the fridge.
  4. Take KNIFE from table. Examine knife closely. Click on the base. It comes off! Make sure base is tilted down to the right, and a TOOTHPICK will slide out. Grab it quickly.
  5. Examine the COSMETICS BAG. Click on the zipper. This reveals a storage area for jewellery.
  6. Examine the WEDDING RINGS. They are stuck together! Use the BIG MALLET.
  8. Place BRACELET in the COSMETICS BAG. Wait! Who's that? Where'd he go with the bracelet?!
  9. Close COSMETICS BAG and go LEFT to living room view.


  1. Click on both curtains. Click on the window. Hey, it's Rupert!
  2. Click on the window. Throw CHAMPAGNE BOTTLE out of the window. Rupert waves "one minute."
  3. Click on left corner of room by the curtain. It opens another view, with a palm tree and tribal mask. Click on mask.
  4. Notice the jewellery in the ear of the mask. Hmm... have to come back to that. Back out, and click by curtain to go back to the living room view.
  5. Click on picture.
  6. Hey, what does that boy want? Click where he was. Hmm... an outhouse? Open the door. There's the kid!
  7. Take the BRACELET. Oh, gross! Back out.
  8. Click on green gate on the right hand side. What's that in there? Prop the gate using the TOOTHPICK. Take the OLD PIPE.
  9. Take EARRING from top right of the picture by the hanging string. Put it in COSMETICS BAG.
  10. Back out of the picture.
  11. Click LEFT to the tribal mask. Click on mask, and use the OLD PIPE. Click on the OLD PIPE, and the eyes open. Manipulate the FLOWER PIN until you can get it out of the LEFT side of the tribal mask. If it gets stuck, click the pipe, and it will close it's eyes, and push the FLOWER PIN out the right ear. Try again! Put FLOWER PIN in COSMETICS BAG.
  12. Go RIGHT to the kitchen view.


  1. Open fridge. Hit side of fridge with BIG MALLET. Click repeatedly on blue bottles, starting with the back bottle. Take FRENCH CHAMPAGNE. Close fridge.
  2. Go back to living room view.


  1. Throw FRENCH CHAMPAGNE out the window. Hey, thanks for the BLUE KEY Rupert!
  2. Use BLUE KEY on basement door.
  3. Go downstairs. Wait, was that a knock??
  4. Quickly run upstairs, and click LEFT twice to front door view.


  1. Open door. Who's this? What does she want? Go LEFT once to kitchen view.


  1. Open fridge. Take APPLE JUICE, ORANGE JUICE, and FRENCH CHAMPAGNE. Close fridge.
  2. Take CHEESE from table. Use KNIFE and cut off a slice. Click on SLICE OF CHEESE.
  3. Go RIGHT to front door view.


  1. Give the girl FRENCH CHAMPAGNE, SLICE OF CHEESE, SALT, PEPPER, COCONUT, PALM LEAF, ORANGE JUICE, APPLE JUICE, in no particular order, before she'll give you her balloon.
  2. Go back to the fridge and get the last bottle of FRENCH CHAMPAGNE. Find the EARRING in the fridge. Put it in the COSMETICS BAG.
  3. Examine the TOY BALLOON. Use the KNIFE and cut the string holding it closed. WAIT! Where did it go?!?!

Search around the house for the balloon. It's only upstairs, and spawns randomly in 5 spots. You have to find all 5. These are, in no particular order:

  1. Click the kitchen light.
  2. Open the oven door, and hit the side with the BIG MALLET.
  3. Lift all three cushions on the couch.
  4. Move the ladder by the bed. Open and close all 4 drawers.
  5. Go to tribal mask view. Click on the curtain.

Once you find all 5, you will hear a deflated type sound. Now you must find the balloon. It will spawn in random places. These are, in no particular order:

  1. Table drawer. Remove everything from the table, and use the KNIFE to open the drawer.
  2. Take the OVEN MITT. Click on it, and it'll rotate.
  3. Go to the top bunk of the bed. Look at the lightbulb on the red lamp.
  4. In the kettle on the stove.
  5. In the RIGHT flower pot by the window.
  6. In the pink box in the bedroom with the bra and pantyhose.

Once you have the DEFLATED BALLOON, it's time to teach the little boy a lesson. Go back to the outhouse in the picture. Click his stream with the DEFLATED BALLOON. Hehe. Take the BRACELET. Place it in the COSMETICS BAG.

Back out of the picture. It's time to go downstairs again.


  1. Click on the cement bags. Oh, they're heavy. Let's use the FEMALE LIBIDO ENHANCMENT PILLS!! Click on the middle pill in the front of the package. One drops out. Click it. The screen will blush. Click on the cement bags to flip them out of the way.
  2. A safe. What's the code??
  3. Click on the top of the pail beside the broom. Take the SHEET OF PAPER. It has holes...
  4. Open the LETTER. Place the SHEET OF PAPER on top of the LETTER.
  5. Decipher the safe code. HINT: The first 2 letters of each number are visible. My code was: fo th on ni ze se - four three one nine zero seven
  6. Click on the safe and enter the code. Back out, and click the handle. The door opens.
  7. Take the GOLD NECKLACE, the $1000 and the DRAWING.
  8. Look at the DRAWING. Notice that he's holding up the three leafed plant.
  9. Open the COSMETICS BAG, use the KNIFE and cut open the flaps on the right corners. Insert $500 (top) and the FEMALE LIBIDO ENHANCEMENT PILLS (bottom.) Close the flaps. Put the GOLD NECKLACE in. Close the COSMETICS BAG, and get the all finished sound and ring of stars. Go upstairs to the living room.


  1. Click on the LEFT plant. It lifts in the air. While it's in the air, click and hold on the trunk until the pot falls.
  2. Click the object under the dirt. It's the GOLD HELMET!

Go Left twice to the front door. Open the door, and exit! Enjoy the final cartoon. Congratulations!

by Jennifer T., Canada

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