Rupert's Adventures : Bertha's Escape Episode 2 Walkthrough   

Get the hammer and smash the alarm clock. Now open the top drawer and the pieces of the clock will slide inside. Then open the bottom drawer, click another clock and take the earring that was behind the clock. Get the red bag and place the earring inside.
Click the top of the pink box, tuck in the clothes, close the box. Click on the bottom left corner of it so it slides to the right and you are able to reach the ladder. Click the ladder and go to the top bed. Push aside the lamp, click on the pillow and take the underpants. Go back down, click the wall behind the bottom pillow and you will see the other earring.
Now leave the bedroom by going left twice. In the kitchen remove everything from the table, including the cloth, and use the knife on the tiny drawer, when it opens you'll see the necklace. Zoom in on the salt and get the toothpick, zoom in on the cheese and use the knife to take a slice. Put everything back on the table, except the knife. Smash the exhaust hood with the hammer until you see something shiny hanging, smash it again and it will fall inside the teapot. Click the lid and take the flower pin. Go left and click on the palm tree. Take all the leaves out, zoom in and flip each one, until you see a drawing. Replace the other leaves and keep the one with the drawing.
Go to the freezer, zoom in and by placing and rotating the pieces you have to solve the puzzle so it matches the drawing in the leaf. After that you can put away the leaf, and take the frozen key. Put it in the oven, close the door, smash the oven with the hammer on the round spot on the left so it starts working. When it beeps, open the door and take the key out using the oven glove. Now put away the glove.
tip: If you want there to be no beeping - you must keep your fridge door closed or use some force via the sledgehammer ;)

Take the glass and the brandy bottle on top of the fridge, zoom in on the bottle and click the cork until it jumps out. Fill the glass and put the cheese slice on top of it. Zoom in on the knife, unscrew the back of it, use the toothpick on it and get the little note. That is a code for a safe.
Now go to the living room, open the door, get inside. Downstairs you see a safe blocked by cement bags, zoom in on the brandy, drink it. You will see a red light all over the screen, chose your hands and click the bags to remove them from the safe. Open it with the code. Take the golden helmet and the money, and the pipe from the bottom shelf, and go upstairs.
On the scene with the palm tree there is an African mask on the wall, put the pipe on it's mouth, click the pipe and it's eyes will open. Get the rings.

Now the only thing missing is the bracelet. Go to the bedroom, put the ladder away, open the drawer on the right and get the cork. Go to the living room, click on the painting on the wall, wait for a ship to show on the river. Use the cork on its chimney and it will stop, get the bracelet.

Put every piece of jewelry on the red bag, use the knife to cut the bag linen on the edges and put the pants on the bottom edge, and half the money on the top one. Close the bag, zip it and go to the door. Open the door and click on the street. Bertha will whistle and Rupert will show up in his "sports car"

by Joana Pina-Vaz, Portugal

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