Rupert's Adventures : Bertha's Escape Episode 1 Walkthrough   

- 1 -

Click the alarm clock to switch it off. Grab the red cosmetics bag, tuck the clothes in the box, click on its left corner and it will slide to the right. Get the ladder and click the top pillow. Get the sheet from under the pillow. Withdraw the lamp, click the pillow, then click the earring. Continue to click the earring until it falls in the floor. Then go down the ladder, click it to put it back on the wall, and open the green drawer. Get the earring, put it inside the red bag.

Go left twice. Take the knife from the table, take the salt, the pepper and the table cloth. Pick up the paper, put the salt, pepper and cloth back. Open the fridge, take out the fish. Zoom in on it, use, the knife in the yellow tip. Then with your hands click several times on that tip. The necklace comes out, put it in the bag. put the fish back in the fridge. Open the freezer and take the flower pin, put in the bag. Now open the left drawer and take a can, and the champagne bottle.

tip: If you want there to be no beeping - you must keep your fridge door closed.

Go left. Lift the sofa pillows, get a blue key in the left corner. Use the key on the door and go down the stairs. Get the golden ring from the shelf next to the keyboard and put it in the bag.
Zoom in on the can, open it, drink it. Use your hands and wait for a red halo to show on the screen. Now you have enough energy to lift one of the cement bags, just click it. Go up the stairs, open the right sided curtain, open the small window and throw the empty can to the garden.
Go right to the fridge, take another can, go downstairs again, and repeat the process. Do it one more time, until you have no more cans in the fridge. Remember the effect wears off quickly, so drink it only when you are in the basement, and remember you can only get a new drink once you have tossed away the empty can.

Zoom in on the picture above the sofa and get the pencil on the right bottom corner. Zoom in on it and sharpen it with the knife. Zoom in on the paper you got under the table cloth. Use the pencil on it and type in your keyboard: Hey hubby! What is the safe code? You need to write it exactly like this, with the exclamation and question marks. Now with your hands fold the corners of the paper until you get a paper plane. Throw the plane out the window and notice that it hits the bird and comes back inside, so throw the champagne bottle out of the window to kill the bird. Then throw the plane. You would guess this by looking at the picture over the fridge.

tips: To type the ending question mark press any key :)

Now clear you inventory, the autograph goes inside the red bag. You have to cut the bottom corner of the bag with the knife and hide the paper there. Open the fridge and the left drawer. Go right and open the front door. Now you can pick up the cans crate, they will show up inside the fridge. Take another one to repeat the whole process in the basement. Before you go down the stairs get the plane on the floor with you. Now you have access to the safe, zoom in on the plane and you'll see numbers written on it. Try them on the safe. Then you realize the safe doesn't open. Go upstairs, get the pencil again, cross the wrong numbers and throw the plane out the window again. Now click the palm tree leaves you can see on the top corner of the window.

Zoom in on the picture and get the other earring. Get the 3 coconuts form the tree.
Click the tip of the curtain bar, click the first ring, it's another piece of jewelery.
tip: You can drop a coconut to the window for fun :)

Now go to the kitchen and get the knife. Zoom in on each coconut and cut them in halves to get a bracelet from one of them. I don't know exactly which one, because it changes in each game. Put the coconut back on the tree. Go to the bedroom to get the bag. Now you have the plane on the floor again. Take it downstairs and use the new numbers on the safe. Now you can open the safe. Get the golden helmet and the money. Hide part of the money on the other corner of the red bag, as you know you have to cut ir with the knife. Put the rest of the jewelry in the bag, and zip it up.

Go upstairs, open the front door and click the street. Rupert will show up in a car, go with him and you're out!!

by Joana Pina-Vaz, Portugal

- 2 -

Pick up cosmetic bag from nightstand. Open box, and click on all the clothes hanging out of it to put them back in. Close box, then click the left side to get to pushed out of the way. Click on ladder to move in front of bunk. Click on the lamp to move it out of the way, then click on the pillow. Notice the earring? Click on it while in the air, then 4 more times to get it to fall off the bed. Click on pillow again and get autographed picture underneath the pillow.

Move ladder back to where it is. Open green drawer under bed. Get right earring. Open cosmetics bag and place inside.

Move to the right to see window and couch view. Click on the palm fronds sticking out from behind the wall on the left. Click on the picture, and take the left earring from the drawing’s ear. Next click on the coconut tree and take all three coconuts. Click on the end of the curtain rod at the top of the screen and click on the left-most yellow circle to get ring.

Go back to the couch and window view. Click on left-most couch cushion to get blue key from beneath it. Click on cactus painting above couch to get the pencil from the lower-right part of the frame.

Go right into the kitchen. Grab knife from the table. Use the knife on all the coconuts until you find which one has the bracelet. Put all your jewelry in the cosmetic bag. While the bag is open, use the knife on the empty parts of it on the right. Put the autographed picture in the bottom pocket you just made.

Take salt, pepper, and tablecloth off the table to get the paper. Then put the tablecloth, salt, and pepper back on the table. Open the fridge and open bottom left drawer. Take the energy drink. Take the fish from the middle shelf and champagne from inside the door. Next, open the freezer to take the flower pin. Use the knife on the fish where you see a little something sticking out of the neck. (It may help to zoom in on the little thing sticking out at this point) Click on the very end of the thing sticking out; it will come out a bit. Do this 4 more times to work it out. You now have the necklace. Put in your cosmetic bag.

Go back to couch & window view, and use blue key on door. On the shelves, you will see a little yellow circle, take that. You now have the wedding ring. Click on your energy drink, click on the tab, then click again to drink it. You have super powers! You can now move one cement bag from the pallet. Go back upstairs. Click the little window on the upper right hand portion of the big window. Throw used can out the window. Get another energy drink from fridge. Repeat process with drink, move bag, throw out window until you’ve drank all 3 cans. Once they are all gone, make sure the fridge is open, the drawer where you got the energy drinks is open, and the oven is open, then go to the front door. There is a new shipment of energy drinks. (If all those things aren’t open, you won’t be able to pick up the crate.) Repeat process again, moving last bag.

Well, you don’t know the code to the safe, but your husband probably does. Go couch and window screen. Click on pencil, then sharpen with your knife. Click on paper, open it, then use your pencil. Once the pencil is up on the paper, you must type exactly this: Hey Hubby! What is the safe code? Click back to the hand, and click on the edges of the paper until you’ve made a paper airplane. Open the little window and throw it out. The bird gets in your way…. this time throw out that bottle of champagne first. Now throw your plane. Leave the screen and come back, and there is a code on it.

Go back downstairs and input your code. Try to open the door. Ugh…it doesn’t work. Back upstairs. Click on the paper airplane, and using the pencil cross out the code. Throw it outside again. Leave the screen, then come back to pick it up. Go downstairs and put in new code. Take money and gold helmet. Put money in the last empty pocket of your cosmetic bag. (It won’t all fit, no worries) Seal up the pockets by clicking on them, then close up the bag. It should sparkle. You can now leave by the front door. The end.

by Savari

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